Linguistics for Teachers of Emergent Bilinguals

Emergent Bilinguals are smart, capable, and motivated to succeed. They are multicultural and multilingual. They are tough. They can do it. So how do we do it? We need to get better at teaching language and literacy, and provide our students with evidence-based, culturally sustaining, and socio-emotionally sound instruction. This course – Linguistics for Teachers of Emergent Bilinguals – aims to teach teachers about the fundamentals of linguistic knowledge, how a speaker of another language acquires English as a new language, the science of reading and writing, and how to use this knowledge to improve outcomes for emergent bilinguals.
We will study the components of oral language - pragmatics and world knowledge, phonology, vocabulary, syntax, and morphology - and understand how language acquisition progresses through the various stages of proficiency.
We will examine the relationship between oral language and literacy, and gain expertise in the skills required for fluent listening, speaking, reading and writing: activating background knowledge and teaching vocabulary, decoding words, gaining cross-linguistic awareness, developing handwriting and spelling, and writing sentences and paragraphs. You will watch expert lectures that showcase model lessons, read the latest research, take short quizzes, reflect on your teaching practice, and plan instruction with the help of a workbook.
This course is worth 15 CTLE credits in New York State, and fulfills the requirement for continuing education in English as a New Language. Are you ready to take your expertise to the next level? Let me help you! Together we can do this!
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